Ancient City

Ancient City was commissioned for the 10th anniversary of the Sydney Children’s Choir in 1999 by Artistic Director Lyn Williams and premiered in the Sydney Opera House to a standing ovation. It has become one of Paul’s iconic classics and is loved by both choristers and audiences of all ages worldwide. This evocative piece is well suited to the big finale but can also be enjoyed by any size choir in any venue. It was chosen by Gondwana Voices for the 25th Anniversary as one of the most popular pieces in the choirs history.

The main melody is written by Andrew DeTeliga, composer and co-founder of Australia’s first and most  successful export, ‘world music’ group, Sirocco, for whom Paul has performed with since 1996. Paul wrote the lyrics while camping on Mount Solitary in the Blue Mountains.

This piece has been recorded numerous times but the original version is available on ABC Classics Gondwana Voices “New Light, New Hope”.

Gondwana at the Sydney Opera House with Paul on solo woodwind, conducted by Lyn Williams

This sample is from the Gondwana Voices Album ‘New Light, New Hope’.


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Duration 4:00
Key B minor
Range B3 to F#5
More info Also available with string quartet, chamber or symphony orchestra. Contact Paul directly for parts and scores


A N C I E N T   C I T Y                       
         By Paul Jarman
City in my dreams
Ancient city mystic land
Lost and left behind by time
Dreams that speak to me
Songs for eternity
Take me to the golden ancient city

Now as the moon appears
Trees wander in the breeze
Blackened clouds adorn the sky
Moon shining on the sea
Path of light to carry me
Take me to the golden ancient city

Where fires once burned
The shadows of the night 
Are dancing in the silver light
A once masterful race
Now gone without a trace
Lost and left behind by time

Lonely stars up in the sky
Listen to my song tonight
And take me to the golden ancient city

Dust scattered memories
Darkness for a thousand years
Only dreams are left behind
Dreams etched into the stars
Memories from a distant past
Take me to the golden ancient city

           © Paul Jarman 2000