Sirocco – World Music Pioneers 1996 – 2011

Paul joined Sirocco in 1996, the groups 16th year. Sirocco, Australia’s first and formeost ‘world music’ ensemble predated the term by ten years and toured all over the world from 1980 to 2011, released 13 albums, wrote and performed film scores, created events, played in all major festivals including WOMAD and performed in over 2000 schools. See the website for more.


In India, Pakistan, Malaysia, China, Nepal, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Laos, the Philippines and many more, Sirocco always collaborated with local artists as part of the tour. In some countries it was a world first experience.

Paul also produced the Aria finalist 1999 album Falling Leaf









Paul exploring Rajasthani folk music near the Amber Fort, India