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Welcome to the music of Paul Jarman. The categories below will help you quickly find the piece(s) that you need. ‘Themes’ is a convenient way to assist you in finding the piece exactly suited to your programming needs. Every 6 months, new pieces will be added to the latest release section. Also, Paul has written strings, chamber or symphony orchestra arrangements to many works. Review the information provided for each piece and contact Paul through this site if you need any parts and scores, or are interested in commissioning a special arrangement.

All music is available at the click of a button and purchases are instantly emailed to you as a PDF, pre-stamped with your details on the sheet music for legal and licensing purposes. No mail, no queue, no waiting and no delivery costs. Use this legal copy as your master score to make the amount of copies exactly that you have purchased. Your honesty is appreciated and under international copyright law.

Pricing is set at international standards - AUD$2.50 per score (singer)

You don't have to be a member of Paypal to purchase. Simply click on the Paypal icon then click 'PAY WITH CREDIT CARD'.  Example - A choir of 50 singers = AUD$125.00

If you are part of a festival or event with more than 200 singers please contact Paul directly to organise a price as we support large choral events.

I M P O R T A N T   N O T I C E

All countries require the purchase of 1 score per singer. For Australia and New Zealand schools ONLY, photocopying laws apply under AMCOS. AUS and NZ schools are legally permitted to make 5 copies per purchased score. All AUS/NZ community, adult or professional choirs, festivals or any events/choirs outside of AUS and NZ schools are under the same international standard of 1 copy per singer.

Please note that only Australian purchases are subject to sales tax. No other country will be charged this fee. Simply follow the checkout process and once you get to PAYPAL you will not be required to pay sales tax. Thank you.

Your honesty and integrity is appreciated and keeps composers writing. The minimum purchase for AUS and NZ schools is set at $25 per piece (10 original scores under AMCOS - or a choir of 50). Any individual purchase (non choir) is also set at the minimum of $25 per piece. For example, an AUS/NZ school with 60 singers is 12 copies @ AUD$2.50 = $30.00. Your stamped PDF is yours to keep on file. Please do not share this PDF. We also recommend printing the music back to back in booklet form on 100GSM A4 paper or more. For any organisation who does not have a credit card or paypal option, you are still welcome to use this website. Simply choose the music you are interested in and contact us directly via the contact page. We will organise and send you music via email with an invoice. Thank you, and enjoy the music.

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