School Projects

Paul’s passion for music and music making with all ages and all walks of life has taken him to over 40 countries around the world, from concert halls to outback communities, the jungles of South East Asia to the islands of the Pacific and Indian Ocean, the streets of India and Pakistan to the cathedrals of Paris and Prague, the big cities, the country towns; in the some of the worlds most famous venues and little out of the way places that no one has heard of; in festivals, events, dance, theatre, art installations, bars, clubs, natural amphitheatres, outdoor arenas, and live televised events to the world. He has the experience from playing smoky piano bars to conducting orchestras and choirs in the Opera house; creating, managing, organising, writing and producing events and representing Australia on tours for the Australian Government. Through all of this, Paul has learned that passion and good will make music and that in our global community, the most important task is to inspire and educate the next generation. He now also works extensively in schools inspiring 10,000s of students each year.

Paul Jarman @F of V 2009 14

From Tammi Webber ( Indigenous Education Advisor, Mt Isa QLD)                                                     “I just wanted to say a huge personal thank you for your work on the St Kieran’s school song. Both Kate & yourself have done an amazing job, and the end product is an inspiring & effective resource. As an Indigenous Education Advisor I just wanted to extend my personal thanks for your support and inclusion of acknowledging the Kalkadoon people, and further by using their language names in a wonderful Mount Isa school song. I think this may be a first for the region!”

Paul worked for Musica Viva in schools for 15 years performing in over 2,000 schools and since 2003 he has specialised in his own unique programs, writing commissioned song cycles and choral/orchestral works, residencies and workshops and more importantly his well known brand of ‘School Anthem’. These projects are about the journey as much as the final product, transforming whole schools through the process of bringing everyone together. For many schools, a new song is like a new logo or brand identity that marks a new era.

Paul believes that any school deserves this right and he travels all over the country to honour it, working not only in the big private schools but also schools in country communities. He has written school songs with less than 20 children in them in the same week as developing a massed choral/orchestral work for a Melbourne school with a 150 year history.

In addition to hundreds of smaller schools around Australia Paul has written school anthems and similar works for some of Australia’s most well known schools including –

  • Somerville House
  • Geelong College
  • Caulfield Grammar
  • Sydney Grammar
  • The King’s School
  • Lowther Hall
  • St Marks, Perth
  • Barker College
  • St Andrews Cathedral School
  • Sceggs Darlinghurst
  • Melbourne High School
  • PLC Perth and PLC Croydon
  • The Southport School
  • International Grammar Sydney
  • The Friends School Hobart

If you are interested in commissioning Paul to write your school anthem we suggest also contacting the executive staff of these schools to hear first hand the impact of Paul’s work.

Below we include a list that represents the wide appeal of Paul’s work. Simply click on each school below for more information about the process, recordings and music examples. Paul’s philosophy is to make a school song that involves the entire community, alumni, parents, students and teachers and give them a piece that not only is who they are, where they’ve come from and where they are going, but inspires them to reach to even greater heights. It must appeal to all ages for all time.

Maree Hennessey from Somerville House in Brisbane…“I was expecting something that would reflect who we currently are – but you have done better than that. You have given us a song beyond who we are – one that will uplift and inspire us and one that we have to reach for. You didn’t just give us a song ‘about’ us – you gave us what we need to hear that we can be”.

Contact Paul well in advance to become part of this exciting process.