Deep Deeper Deep

Deep, Deeper, Deep was commissioned by  the Melbourne Singers of Gospel in 2017 under the direction of Darren Wicks.

Paul’s brief was to compose a new piece of gospel music that was respectful to the art, yet uniquely Australian. Darren and Paul both felt that time spent with the choir to learn their story and work as a group on ideas was imperative.

The common theme among choristers was the ‘coming together’ purely for the joy of the song and the sound of gospel music. For some members, the choir is a way to let their hair down during a busy working week; for others it is about faith and for some it is purely about meeting new faces, sharing musical passions and for simply letting one’s hair down and having a good time; for some it is healing, and a way to cope with life’s challenges and for others it is the event that keeps them going. All share a passion for gospel!

Paul arrived home and started working on the piece when Paul’s wife Bonnie suggested the idea of going deep, and deeper into one’s true self, or into one’s music, or simply just to feel, to let go, to dream and to be yourself. The song was born.

Paul and Bonnie had just returned from New York when they started writing and felt that this piece should honour the great African American gospel tradition.

Click on the link below to view a sample and you can listen to Gondwana Singers sample recording below.


Sing a concert opener Sing a message Sing from the heart Sing the latest Releases
Duration 5:30
Key Eb with plenty of gospel and jazz chord changes
Range Large range for all with high G's for tenor and soprano with soaring descant soprano Bb's
More info Features a soloist
Price AU$3.00 per copy


By Paul Jarman & Bonnie Nilsson

I’m starting again
I left my armour at the gate
I’m over my head and I’m into my heart   
Here I am
Come, come to me
Together we can be
All we need
Deep, deeper, deep

Shout it out, shout it out loud
I’m over my head and into my heart  
Joy is here as darkness departs
I’ll live the life I sing about    
Deep, deeper, deep

Freed from within
I let my soul release
I close my eyes and I’m living again
Deep, deeper, deep

So sing, sing with me 
And I am strong where I belong
Beside you singing for the joy of song
Deep, deeper, deep

So sing it with purpose, sing it with soul
And you are home
Deep, deeper, deep
So sing with your spirit, sing with your heart
It’s a gift from above

So sing Hallelujah
I sing for you, sing it for me
Here I am

Deep, deeper, deep, sing it out loud
So sing it with purpose, sing it with soul
Deep, deeper, deep
Let it all out
Deep, deeper, deep

 Copyright Paul Jarman/Bonnie Nilsson 2017