Commissioned by the Voices of Sydney Choir under the artistic direction of Heather Causley, Marloo is an exciting work inspired by a collaboration with Les Bursill, Dharawal Man. Paul and Les worked closely to develop a programatic work that honours the Dharawal language and history. It’s partner piece, Guruwull is from the same project in 2009/10. Les taught Paul the history of the area by walking the country and exploring significant Indigenous sites which connected natural landscape, stores and culture to Paul’s music. Les inspired much of the lyric and helped inspire many of the patterns that shaped the piece.

The Snake, Witij, in the form of the creator, goes to bad or formless country and makes it strong with the help of his companion Marloo, the dreaming spirit Kangaroo who follows closely.AU$3.00 per copy‘Yullangur Marloo dali ngurang wari wiri ngura. Marloo walanga Yullanger’
Marloo helps make a strong country. ‘Marloo bini-ba bulbuwal ngura’

When we follow a wrong path of deceit and badness we should turn back to the dreaming path and follow the dreaming way. ‘Ngun walanga wiri gunga wilang wiri muruwali walam nanga mai’

Fortunately we have a special performance captured from a mobile phone at a concert in the Sydney Opera House. A wonderful performance conducted by Deb Mulcair.

Thank you Les Bursill for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.


Sing a history Sing an Australian story Sing for an eisteddfod
Duration 4:30
Key C Major Lydian with modulations
Range Standard SATB
More info Features chanting, body percussion, subtle movement and optional djembe and percussion
Price AU$3.00 per copy


M A R L O O                        
By Paul Jarman & Les Bursill
Mamuna, mamuna, mamuna

Mungai, murungal, guruwa, walan yilaba

Yullangur Marloo dali ngurang wari wiri ngura
Marloo walanga yullangur
Marloo bini-ba bulbawal ngura
Ngun walanga wiri gunga wilang wiri muruwali walam nanga mai

Strength and power
Ancestor spirit, creator of Country
Grace and dignity
Marloo, Marloo

Bringer of green grasses
Great adviser, wise counsel
Bringer of life and good will
Maker of strong Country
Marloo, Marloo

© Paul Jarman, Les Bursill 2009