Take to the Sky

Take to the Sky was commissioned by the South Australian Public Primary Schools Festival of Music in 2013. It is the finale to the song cycle ‘Flight’, a piece that captures the romance, history and spirit of flight. As children, we all looked out the window at the clouds, dreaming of flying through them; we all wanted to jump off the garage roof; we all wanted to feel what it was like to be a bird. The romance of flight continues through our life – The first time we flew in an airplane, the first time we put on a leather jacket; the wind in our hair, the freedom, the danger, the mystery and the far away places. The smell of aviation fuel, the roar of the motors, the endless sky, the speed and heights we reach.

We also honour our aviation pioneers. The middle section of the piece reads like a scroll through time. Each line of lyric is another key moment in the history of flight from across the world. We acknowledge the Middle East, Asia, Europe, the Americas, Australia and more. Each name in this section is something the choir can research to inspire many lessons. The climax of this section is our journey into space itself.

We recommend performing the entire song cycle ‘FLIGHT’.220px-CEKSmith Other pieced available are Jetman, Lady of the Sky and Icarus. All pieces are available with orchestra.

Sample audio recording courtesy of the South Australian Public Primary Schools Festival of Music


Sing a Finale Sing a global story Sing a history Sing the adventure
Duration 4:50
Key C minor modulates to D minor
Range Bb3 to F5
More info Also available with orchestra. Contact Paul for parts and scores. A terrific finale piece.
Price AU$3.00 per copy


T A K E   T O   T H E   S K Y                        
By Paul Jarman
To be the first, to be the one
To take flight for those to come
To soar beyond all you’ve ever known
One dream to see the world

To see the skies through eagle eyes
To be a child touching the clouds
A child who dreamed of silver wings
I can see my dream where the sky begins

Take to the sky, to be the first, to be the one

Ignite the fire, shine your light
Feel the power, we’re climbing higher
Pull on your gloves and your leather cap
Put on your goggles and never look back

Daedalus’ wings of feathers and wax
Yuan Huangtou flies on a kite
Archytas the Greek, a steam-powered bird
China masters the sky lantern

Along the Silk Road to the Middle East
Abbas Ibn Furnas flies faster than a phoenix
Eilmer of Malmesbury, Benedictine Monk
Glides with wings from the tower above

Italy, Spain and the Portuguese
Elaborate designs of flying machines
Brothers Montgolfier’ hot Balloon
Airship, monoplane, mighty zeppelin

Lawrence Hargrave, Charles Kingsford Smith
Amelia Eckhart lighting up the jet stream
Brothers Wright sustain a flight
We race towards the moon

Take to the sky, I was born to fly

© Paul Jarman 2013