The Stars of Eureka

The Stars of Eureka was commissioned by Caulfield Grammar in 2012 as part of the song cycle ‘Eureka’, written about the 1854 Eureka Stockade at the goldfields of Ballarat Victoria. This is the final piece in the trilogy which includes Child of the Goldfield and Sampan. 

Doudiet_Swearing_allegiance_to_the_Southern_Cross“For this piece I studied not only the Eureka Stockade but also great moments in history where liberty prevailed over tyranny, of which there are many. I read the work of Nelson Mandela, Aung san Suu Kyi, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and the Dalai Llama. I also studied the great documents on liberty itself for which my favourite three are Thomas Paine’s ‘The Age of Reason”, John Stuart Mill’s ‘On Liberty’, and the ‘Areopagitica’ by John Milton.” – Paul Jarman

If these documents were adopted by all cultures the world would live in peace.

Sample recording courtesy of Hillcrest Christian College Choir, directed by Jenny Moon


Sing a history Sing a message Sing an Australian story Sing the adventure
Duration 4:30
Key F minor with modulations
Range Bb3 to F5
More info Features snare drums and very open to staging and theatrics. It is recommended to perform the whole song cycle
Price AU$3.00 per copy


T H E   S T A R S   O F   E U R E K A                        
By Paul Jarman

From the ashes a fire will burn
Rise up and carry the flame
From the darkness the stars will glow
Rise up under the Southern Cross

From the shadows a light will shine
Rise up and raise the flag

Eureka here we stand

We swear by the Southern Cross,
To stand truly by each other,
And fight to defend,
Our rights and liberties

To the field our fate is sealed
Triumph or be slaves
The sun shall see our country free
Or set upon our graves

For want of gold, freedom was lost
For want of freedom, life was lost
For want of life, victory was lost
For want of victory, the battle was lost

A victory won by a battle lost

© Paul Jarman 2012