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“Australian Choral Composer, Paul Jarman’s (b. 1971) passion for composing, conducting, performing and educating is well known all over the world. His music and lyrics are thought-provoking and powerful, bringing to life the stories and the histories, both ancsona 88 croppedient and new, that define who we are and how we belong in this world. Paul’s songs include many of the the most popular choral works in Australia.”

“He has worked extensively throughout Australia, Europe, Asia, and North America, with theatre productions, dance ensembles, Aboriginal-Anglo Celtic performance groups, choirs and orchestras; from concert halls to remote communities, schools and institutions, festivals, and special events. His music is a broad sweep across the Australian landscape, moving seamlessly between the past and the present, illuminating what we value, what we know, and what we hope to achieve as citizens of intellect, integrity and compassion.”

“It has real energy and intention, and he is fearless in the pursuit of the perfect sound, drawing on the western instruments he plays (including the piano, clarinet, harmonica and saxophone) but specialising in ethnic wind instruments from all over the world.”

“As a warm and engaging conductor and educator, he has that rare ability to bring people together, to empower and interpret stories meaningfully, meticulously researching his subject to create music and lyrics with an evocative power well beyond the piece itself – a place of genuine reflection on the values held within it. This reciprocation , the inspirational partnership, is something participants never forget. This is a formidable gift which he uses with humility and grace.” Julia Ditterich – 2015

(Julia is an artist, librarian, teacher, Aboriginal Liaison Officer and poet)

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