Better World

Better World, commissioned by the Department of Education SING NSW, directed by Jenny Gregory, especially for the song cycle ‘Young Australian’s Voices of Achievement’, is dedicated to a remarkable Australian, Hugh Evans, founder of the Oaktree foundation. 

He began his humanitarian work when at just 14 years old he travelled to the Philippines as an ambassador for World Vision. 

Sleeping in the slums of Manila ignited Hugh’s passion for helping to serve the world’s poor, a passion he felt all the more forcibly the following year while studying in India. The abject poverty he was exposed to strengthened Hugh’s resolve to make a difference to those struggling for survival in the developing world.

After completing high school in 2001, Hugh deferred University becoming World Vision’s inaugural Youth Ambassador travelling to South Africa. On the ground, Hugh implemented building projects while caring for a number of orphaned children affected by aids. Returning to Australia, Hugh become founder and director of the Oaktree Foundation. It remains Australia’s first youth run aid organisation with a mission to empower young people in the developing world through education in a way that is sustainable. Hugh set up the first Oaktree project in South Africa’s Kwa-Zulu-Natal province: a community resource centre that now provides more than a thousand people with the opportunity to receive education for the first time in their lives.

“Hugh is an inspiration to me and I will need forget meeting him just hours before the world premiere. As we were on stage in Sydney Town Hall with a massed choir singing his song, the huge double doors opened, the light shone in, and there was Hugh Evans standing there in tears. We hugged and shook hands and that was how I met Hugh Evans. Never forget to celebrate people like Hugh – people who make a difference to this world.” – Paul Jarman

Better World is a lively, heart warming song suited to all ages, particularly high school and adult choirs. It will inspire, delight and teach your choir and audience a message of hope.

Audio sample from the SING NSW Album, ‘Young Australians, Voices of Achievement’.


Sing a Finale Sing a global story Sing a message Sing an Australian story Sing the adventure
Duration 4:00
Key G Major
Range Classic SAB Sopranos up to E5
More info Well suited to djembes and various percussion. Available with full orchestra. Contact Paul for parts and scores.
Price AU$3.00 per copy


B E T T E R   W O R L D
A song for Hugh Evans

By Paul Jarman

We are young, we are free
Fight for what we believe in
It’s time for change, time to give
The future’s in our hands

Starting now, search inside
Find the strength of forgiving
Freedom comes from deep within
We can do anything
Give us the chance

Heal the wounds of the past
Open up to compassion
Give yourself to those in need
They will understand

Fight for truth, serve the poor
End injustice for all
We can make a better world
We can do anything
We can do everything
Give us the chance

Believe in what we’re fighting for
We can make a better world

Whatever it takes, whatever the cost
We’ve nothing to lose and everyone gains
Whatever we make, whatever we give
We’ve nothing to lose and everyone gains
Give us the chance

Believe in what we’re fighting for
We can make a better world

© Paul Jarman 2005