Composer in Residence

Paul is in high demand all over Australia and internationally as composer in residence. He specialises in engaging communities in the entire process of creating and developing a new work. It is this process that makes a new commission even more exciting and rewarding. The journey is as important as the destination.

Paul has a unique was of engaging with all ages inspiring people to appreciate that we all can create fine music and lyrics. This philosophy  results in wide community engagement in the arts,  positive outcomes for performers and audience and the addition of new stories that embrace our past, present and future.

As composer in residence Paul writes town anthems, school anthems, commissioned works and special event music and also delights as an inspiring educator, conductor, event manager and artistic director. Paul also assists music departments in new ways to move forward with interesting projects and insights into the curriculum.

For School Projects only please visit School Projects

Below is a link to a piece that Paul wrote for and with the community of Warren in Central NSW. With the help of local musicians Paul gathered together a wide variety of people from all ages within the community and harnessed their dreams, hopes and fears into this new town anthem called ‘Stand With Pride’.


Stand With Pride


If your town, business or community is looking for a special brand identity in song, please contact Paul directly to be part of this inspiring initiative that brings people together in a positive community collaboration, and leaves you with a song that will be sung for decades.