Lead Us All

Lead Us All was commissioned by the King’s School Sydney, again by Jonathan Todhunter for his PYP year 6 classes of 2016. 

Paul has an ongoing residence with the King’s School which sees him every second year, work with Jonathan, students and teachers on a theme related to their transition from year 6 to high school. Each residency finishes with an inspiring exhibition of the years work, finishing with a concert presenting the world premier of the commissioned work. It is an outstanding project which continues to this day.

Lead Us All speaks for itself. The year 6 class of 2016 studied great leaders, their speeches, quotes, philosophies and legacy. The piece is strong, moving and inspirational, and is well suited to a concert closer or an end of year speech day event.

The sample recording is from digital source only – please enjoy the PDF sample below.


Sing a Finale Sing a message Sing the adventure
Duration 3:50
Key F Major with modulations
Range C Middle C to High G for SOPS
More info Also available with exciting string ensemble, suited for upper primary to high school - contact us directly for details.
Price AU$3.00 per copy


L E A D   U S   A L L                        
By Paul Jarman & Bonnie Nilsson
No path, no trail, no where to hide if you fail
Up here, so high, no safety from fear
So breathe it in, up here the air’s so thin
And you’ll need to take some time to see the view

Stand tall, be brave, many hands will help you on your way
To lead, be true, only you know how to be you
So breathe it in and feel the power within
And know these days we share will stay with you

So give a lot, give your all, answer to the call
And one day your small steps could lead us all
Step outside and you will find all the stones to pave your way

Lead us today

Everyone else is taken
Don’t make a promise worth breaking
Find your truth and inspiration
Remember where you’ve been

© Paul Jarman Bonnie Nilsson 2016