This Golden Land

This Golden Land was commissioned by the Voices of Birralee to honour the Queensland 150th Anniversary. Together with fellow composer Harley Mead, a team of fine musicians and one of the countries leading choirs, led by Julie Christiansen and Paul Holley, Paul embarked on an inspirational journey to unravel stories across QLD and share them in song. The project, SongBridge, took the choir across the vast state. This piece, written by Harley and Paul is an anthem of that incredible journey of song and story. This version was especially commissioned by Amy Ball, music teacher at Cranbrook, NSW.

Harley Mead (1971-2014) is a well known Australian composer, conductor and educator who is regarded not only for his expertise as a teacher and musician but also for his ability to inspire and encourage others. His compositions have been performed widely across Australia and overseas. Much of Harley’s creative output was channelled towards children’s choirs, as he had an undisputed giftedness and ability to engage with children of all ages and backgrounds. Following his tragic passing, his legacy has been preserved through his music, which is available through the website

Harley is survived by his three sons who are now beneficiaries of the trust.

Here is a terrific version by the wonderful Voices of Birralee.


Sing a Finale Sing an Australian story Sing the adventure
Duration 3:10
Key F Major
Range Bb for altos up to high F for Sops
More info Very well suited to finale. A crowd pleasure for all ages.
Price AU$3.00 per copy


T H I S   G O L D E N   L A N D                       

By Paul Jarman & Harley Mead
Not the colour of your skin
Or the place where you were born
Not the language that you speak
Or the troubles you defeat

Not the final destination
It’s the journey that you take
Not the silver spoon
It’s in how you choose to give

It’s how you feel inside
And it is what you believe
It’s how you live your life
That makes you who you are

So come on, come on over
Share your story, share you song
Together, growing stronger
Many voices sing as one

So come on, come on over
To the place where we belong
Together, growing stronger
Far across this golden land

You can feel it in wind
You can feel it in the sea
In the rivers and the tides
Feel it flow through you and me

High upon the tallest mountains
In the billabongs and streams
On the island reefs
You can find a place to dream

From the forests of the North
To the dusty Southern plains
Where ever you come from
This golden land will bring you home

© Paul Jarman and Harley Mead 2009